Men’s Pelvic Health

People with a penis have pelvic floors, too! The anatomy is a bit different, which means that pelvic health concerns aren’t the same as women’s. Men’s pelvic health concerns often center around erectile dysfunction, bladder and bowel incontinence, post-prostatectomy complications, and pain. A thorough pelvic floor physio assessment will guide us in your care plan, and help you reverse and/or manage all of the above symptoms.

Have Better Sex

Reduce pain, increase pleasure, and manage premature ejaculation.

Feel Confident

Coordination is often the key. Your core, pelvic muscles and your expectations are the best way to improve strength and stamina.

Return To Function 

Rehabilitation to help you return to pre-prostatectomy pelvic function.

Men’s Pelvic Health Support

Book Individual Physiotherapy

A 1:1 physiotherapy appointment will give you the individualized education, exercises, and strategies you need to rehabilitate, retrain, and maximise your pelvic floor. function.

Frequently Asked Questions About Men’s Pelvic Health

My sex drive isn’t as strong as my partner’s. Is this normal?

We’ll talk about what “normal” is, and I’ll explain possible reasons for the differences in our sessions.

Will I need a physical exam?

Not necessarily. Not everyone needs to have an internal physio exam because we can make very accurate assumptions about the issue by taking an in-depth history. Also, many GP’s are now doing more of an exam, and in that case, there’s no need to duplicate.

But, if you do need an exam, know that it’s a totally normal part of our day. It can even be a good experience! 98% of our patients comment that they’re very happy having had an exam, because they feel better knowing what’s going on with their pelvic floor.

How can I keep my erection for longer?

There are many factors that can influence an erection. Physical issues, social pressures, and expectations are just a few of the things we will talk about. We need to look at how all of the roles of the pelvic floor affect our sexual function.

I have pain in my rectum, how do I get rid of it?

A thorough history, often followed by a few different tests, will give us an understanding and help guide to a specific set of actions and strategies