Coretiques Program

Coretiques Level One Program

The Coretiques with Hypopressives program creates an environment of availability within your body. So what does that mean? it means if you want to run, pick up kids, get back into shape or try a new activity your body will be prepared to do it.  This will allow your core to automatically respond safely and strongly to daily demands. The program combines Hypopressives, breathing techniques, postural correction and strengthening exercises to reset and retrain the deep core. Education on the pelvic floor and how the core works allow you to learn about your body and sustain these benefits long term.

  • Taught by certified pelvic health physiotherapists
  • Eligible for extended benefits coverage, 5 receipts, each for $80.00 will be issued at the end of each class you attend
  • 5-week progressive program
  • 7.5 hours with a physiotherapist for $400.00
  • Objective pre and post-tests
  • Educational information provided on pelvic floor health
  • Based on the newest research, exercise principles and pelvic health information

This program has shown remarkable outcomes for women of all ages and fitness levels with additional benefits for postpartum women.

Benefits of this professional physiotherapist directed program include:

  • Restore Core Function
  • Eliminate Incontinence
  • Reduce Prolapse
  • Repair Diastasis
  • Improved Posture
  • Improve digestion
  • Improved Sexual Desire / Function
  • Decrease hip/ back/ neck/ shoulder pain

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Coretiques Level Two Program

Level 2 Coretiques program for graduates of the original Coretiques program. It builds on the principles taught in level one, adding increased components of strengthening, body awareness and self-treatment techniques to alleviate many of the usual suspects that can cause pain. Sore feet, shoulder aches,. It will dispell myths about posture and alignment.

Become a student of your body and sustain these benefits long term. When you learn why you do each exercise and can apply these principles to other situations.

This level 2 program advances the exercises physically and functionally with additional poses and exercises to bring your core to the next level – and have fun while doing so.

Location: 353 West 26th street, North Vancouver, V7N 2G7

The benefits of this professional physiotherapist directed course include;

  • Improve Posture
  • Reinforce core strategies
  • Flatter Tummy
  • Improve Sexual Desire/Function
  • Move with confidence
  • Keep your pelvic organs where they belong
  • Repair Diastasis