What We Offer

Giving you the techniques and tools to help you lead the life you want.

At Physiotiques, we offer you a range of classes and treatments designed to help you regain the freedom to move and feel confident in your body. We understand that pelvic health issues can be difficult to talk about but they don’t have to be. While these issues are common, they can be readily addressed. We remove the stigma that surrounds pelvic health and provide you with a confidential, compassionate and friendly option to deal with these concerns.

Our classes and treatments have been developed by an experienced physiotherapist to help you manage your pelvic health issues. You will learn how your habits and beliefs could be a contributing factor to these problems, as well as methods and exercises to improve functional movement. We are here to help you on the journey to better health and well-being, providing support through the entire process.

Our treatments and classes are designed to be informative and fun! Join us in a safe and comfortable place to share your story.

Coretiques Physiotherapy Program »

Coretiques is more than an exercise class!  It is a therapeutic program taught by certified pelvic health physiotherapists. Through education, discussion and a progressive set of specific exercises you learn to create an environment within your body that allows the core to automatically respond safely and strongly to daily demands.

The P’s of Pregnancy Workshop ( New) 

Through education and exercises, you will learn to mitigate/prevent the stresses of pregnancy, birthing & recovery. Specifically incontinence, pain, prolapse, and mommy tummy.

You will start the process of Matreience ( the becoming of a mother)

Physiotherapy Treatments »

Physiotherapists are an integral part of your healthcare team. They will assess, diagnose and treat your injury or condition. Treatment may include manual therapy; acupuncture; IMS modalities such as ultrasound, and exercise prescription. Education about your body and your issues is key to having you return to your optimal function