Starting with your core, we provide long-term solutions for your overall health and well being

Your pelvic floor and core are closely connected to all parts of your body – they’re often the cause for many aches and pains common among people of all ages. At Physiotiques, we take a unique approach to supporting your inner and outer wellbeing, starting with the pelvic floor and core. Our team of qualified, experienced health professionals combine rehabilitation, nutrition, counseling and fitness to give you the tools you need to be stronger, healthier and more confident.

Are you a new mom and worried about your recovery?
Are you feeling old and concerned about the changes in your body?
Do you suffer from constant aches and pains?
Are you worried about what is “good posture” or how to be “aligned”?

Our treatments can help! Find out how.

Watch a Coretiques graduate talk about her experience.