Pelvic Health Services

The education, support, and treatment you need to leave pelvic health issues behind.

Let’s be honest, pelvic health issues aren’t exactly fun. They can feel embarrassing to deal with, they can be uncomfortable to talk about, and they can stop you from saying yes to opportunities you used to jump at. (Actually, they can stop you from jumping altogether!)

The good news? Pelvic health issues don’t have to last forever. Our classes and treatments were designed to give you lifelong wellbeing, long-term peace of mind, and the freedom to move however you want to.

Individual Pregnancy Physiotherapy Appointment

Individual Physiotherapy

Book in-person, 1:1 pelvic floor physiotherapy out of one of two clinic locations, right here in North Vancouver, BC.

Online Physiotherapy

Book online, 1:1 pelvic floor physiotherapy from anywhere in BC. More provinces are coming soon! 

Workshops & Classes

Sign up for our workshops and classes online. In-person classes will be available again as soon COVID guidelines allow it.