Healthy Pregnancy: A Physiotherapy Workshop

Being pregnant is exciting (emotional, vulnerable, stressful, scary, and overwhelming!). You’re probably experiencing all kinds of new sensations– some of which are amazing, while others are unsettling and leave you with a list of questions that’s a mile long! And, as if it isn’t hard enough to find reliable, honest information, being pregnant makes it even harder! Well-intentioned articles are popping into your inbox, unsolicited advice is flying at you, and Google is no match for Great Auntie Ella’s big opinions. 

My Healthy Pregnancy physiotherapy workshop combines education, exercises, and light-hearted humour for a restorative day of learning and laughing that leaves you feeling like you’ve got this. (Because you do!)

I created this workshop– a certified pelvic health physio. It’s a safe space to learn about your pregnancy, pelvic floor, and prenatal experience. It will help you prepare for birth and recovery, relax in a room full of women who get it, and hold space for you to ask all the “Is this normal?!” questions you could ever need to be answered.

Our Healthy Pregnancy Workshop Will Teach You:

  • All about the changes happening to your body.
  • What’s normal and not concerning peeing (leaking), prolapse, and pain? Spoiler: none of it is normal, but all of it is figure-out-able!
  • Why pelvic health is so important in pregnancy.
  • What pelvic health physiotherapy is, and why it helps before and after a baby.
  • How to get a head start on preparing for and maximizing your recovery.

Your Program Includes the following: 

  • Four uninterrupted hours of education, exercises, and education with a pelvic floor physiotherapist
  • Evidence-based information shared by an expert you can trust 
  • In-depth education on pregnancy, the pelvic floor, and how your body works
  • Educational worksheets, PDFs, and videos
  • The chance to ask all of your pregnancy, postpartum, and pelvic floor questions
  • A receipt you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement
  • A day of learning and laughing with a community of other moms-to-be


  • In-depth handouts that cover everything we talk about in the workshop
  • A comprehensive list of safe and effective prenatal exercises
  • How to prepare for and maximize your recovery well in advance

Meet Cheryl Leia

Fellow Mom & Resident Pelvic Health Expert

Cheryl Leia | Pelvic Health Physiotherapist & Founder of Physiotiques

Hi! I’m Cheryl. I’m a pelvic health physiotherapist with 25 years of experience, a mom of 3 sons, and I’ve recovered from two C-sections myself (among many other things!), so it’s safe to say that I know people with pelvic health issues very well. I designed Healthy Pregnancy to give you the education and tools to feel strong and move confidently during pregnancy and after giving birth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m not in pain. Would I still benefit from this workshop?

Yes! Pain is only one indicator of a problem, and some issues can be prevented or caught sooner by looking at symptoms other than pain. For example, bowel issues can be a window into a pelvic floor issue, but they don’t always involve pain. You do not need to wait until you’re in pain to get support for your pelvic floor issues!

Q: Can I exercise during pregnancy?

There are great new guidelines for pregnancy and exercise.

Q: Are things going to be OK down there?

Yes. They will be! Things will be different for a while, but we’re hardwired to protect and heal this area (which is fantastic!), so you can trust your body and know that what you’re feeling right after you give birth won’t last forever.

Q: What are safe exercises for me to do after giving birth?

For the first six weeks, it’s essential to rest and understand that the tissues in your body need to heal. But healing can depend on movement, so moving and creating some demand on the tissues is good. Depending on your personal history, a range of movements and exercises can be appropriate after giving birth. Ask your pelvic floor physiotherapist for specific examples that you can do.

Q: When will I be able to run/play sports again?

Sorry, I wish I could tell you right now, but there is no clear answer to this! If you were strong and active before delivery, your body generally has a better chance of returning to activity sooner. But again, each birth has different circumstances, so we must be careful with blanket statements. 

If returning to sport is a priority for you, I’d recommend talking to your pelvic health physiotherapist so that they can help you work towards that goal safely and confidently.

Learn from an expert. Laugh with other moms. Leave knowing how to rock this “pregnancy” thing!

Cheryl Leia is currently offering this course at Canopy Integrated Health. The sessions are one on one.