Satisfying & Pain-Free Sex

Everyone deserves a pain-free, happy, and satisfying sex life. But, whether it’s due to structural or psychological reasons, many women experience painful sex at some point. If you have persistent or recurring genital pain before, during, or after sex, I can help. (In fact, because it can be so liberating, this is one of my favourite things to support women with!)

Understand Painful Sex

We’ll get to the bottom of what’s making sex painful for you, and help you feel more confident and in control.

Reduce Pain During Sex

Retrain and rehabilitate your pelvic floor so you can decrease pain and get back to your normal activities.

Enhance Pleasure

Strong, responsive pelvic muscles enhance sexual pleasure and increase sexual (and overall life) satisfaction!

Core & Pelvic Floor Class | Physiotiques

Get Sexual Health Support

Book Individual Physiotherapy

Book a private, 1:1 appointment with Cheryl; a certified pelvic health professional who can give you the answers and strategies you need.

Join Pelvic Health Group Classes

Classes don’t specifically address sexual issues, but the topic always comes up! Learn alongside women who understand & share your experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Sexual Health

Will I need a physical exam?

Not necessarily. Not everyone needs to have an internal pelvic floor physio exam, because we can make very accurate assumptions about the issue by taking an in-depth history.  Also, many GP’s are now doing more of an exam instead of just doing a pap test, so there’s no need to duplicate.

But, if you do need an exam, know that it’s a totally normal part of our day. It can even be a good experience! 98% of women comment that they’re very happy having had an exam, because they feel better knowing what’s going on with their Pelvic Floor. Many women say they would prefer not to have an exam initially, but once they start working on a program, they come back and want to confirm what they’re feeling (or not feeling).

If I book an online session, how will you know if I’m doing the exercises right?

I like to keep things simple and give you all of the education and background you need to fully understand why you’re doing each one, so it’ll be hard to do any of the exercises I give you wrong! During your visit, I’ll teach you the exercises and then get you to explain them back to me, because teaching something is one of the best ways to make sure you really know something.

Once you understand why you’re doing an exercise, you’ll easily know when you’re not getting the results you want.

For online appointments, can you tell if I’m moving right?

Yes, I can. But also, posture and alignment are actually not as important as we used to think! In fact, Dr. Greg Lehman says that perfect posture doesn’t exist.