Coretiques, A Core & Pelvic Health Program

Your core and pelvic floor impact more than what happens “down there.” They affect your spine, hips, sex life, and more! So, focusing on training these areas of the body can help you manage all kinds of aches, pains, and other symptoms.

Core & Pelvic Floor helps you retrain, restore, and rehabilitate your core and pelvic floor– two parts of the body that are connected to just about everything we do daily. Women of all ages and fitness levels have seen remarkable improvements after taking this course, especially postpartum women. It can be done online or in person, and it’s covered by insurance.

If you’ve been living around your pelvic floor issue, it’s time to turn things around!

Physiotiques Group Pelvic Health Class

Core & Pelvic Health Can Help You…

  • Improve your posture
  • Strengthen your tummy (yes, even mummy’s tummy!)
  • Move with confidence– no leaks, squeaks, or eeeks!
  • Reduce lower back pain by up to 90%
  • Increase sexual desire and have fun, happy, pain-free sex
  • Improve, or even cure, your incontinence (goodbye stress!)
  • Decrease your pain and anxiety
  • Repair diastasis and recover postpartum
  • Manage your prolapse symptoms (and keep your organs where they belong!)

“If you’ve had a baby, you will want to take this class! The exercises are easy and meditative, you will crave doing them.”

Tara Akuna, Registered Acupuncturist

Cheryl Leia is currently offering this program at Canopy Integrated Health.

Core & Pelvic Floor is a progressive, therapeutic exercise program taught by certified pelvic health physiotherapists and covered by extended benefits insurance.

Core & Pelvic Floor: Level 1

Level 1 helps women of all ages train their bodies to safely respond to daily demands, so they can run, pick up their kids, get back into shape, and confidently try new things!

This 5-week program covers: 

  • Pelvic Floor 101
  • Resetting and Retraining the Deep Core
  • Hypopressives & Breathing Techniques
  • Strengthening Exercises
  • Balance Exercises 

Extras & Bonuses:

  • Weekly homework
  • Exercise checklists to help you keep track
  • Educational worksheets and PDFs
  • Videos & tutorials

…and we’ll take a look at your posture!

Core & Pelvic Floor Class | Physiotiques

“I have suffered hip and lower back pain for over 4 years. I had relief after the first session, and have continued to improve. Cheryl is an amazing teacher and practitioner and I only wish I had met her sooner in my journey.”

Sharon Norris

Meet Cheryl Leia: Your Guide to Life-Long Pelvic Health

Cheryl Leia | Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist & Founder of Physiotiques

Hi! I’m Cheryl. I’m a pelvic floor physiotherapist with 40 years of experience, a mom of 3 boys, and I’ve recovered from two C-sections myself (among many other things!), so it’s safe to say that I know women’s pelvic health issues very well. 

I designed Core & Pelvic Floor to give you the education, exercises, and empowerment I know you need to get out from under that annoying pelvic health issue you’re dealing with. Over five weeks, I offer up research-based, evidence-backed treatment and exercises with light-hearted humour– for an educational progrm, healing, and surprisingly fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How will you know if I’m doing the exercises right if I book an online class?

I like to keep things simple and give you all of the education and background you need to understand why you’re doing each one thoroughly, so it’ll be hard to do any of the exercises I give you wrong! During your visit, I’ll teach you the exercises and then get you to explain them back to me because teaching something is one of the best ways to ensure you know something.

Once you understand why you’re doing an exercise, you’ll quickly know when you’re not getting the desired results.

Q: Can you tell if I’m moving right?

Yes, I can. But posture and alignment are not as important as we used to think! Dr. Greg Lehman says that perfect posture doesn’t exist.

Q: What about a physical exam?

Nope, not for this class! We can make accurate assumptions about pelvic floor issues by taking an in-depth history. Also, many family doctors are now doing more of an exam than just a pap test, so there’s no need to duplicate.

But if you need an exam (and live in the Vancouver area), we can set you up with one. 98% of women comment that they’re pleased having had an exam because they feel better knowing what’s going on with their Pelvic Floor. Many women say they would prefer not to have an exam initially, but once they start working on a program, they return and want to confirm what they’re feeling (or not feeling). 

Q: I had a baby recently. What are safe exercises for me to do after giving birth?

For the first six weeks, it’s essential to rest and understand that the tissues in your body need to heal. But healing can depend on movement, so moving and creating some demand on the tissues is good. Depending on your history, various activities and exercises can be appropriate after giving birth. Ask your pelvic floor physiotherapist for specific examples that you can do.

Q: I had a C-Section. Is this class for me?

Yes, pelvic floor physiotherapy is very beneficial, even if you had a C-Section. This is because pregnancy is a risk factor for pelvic floor issues– not just vaginal birth.

And pelvic floor concerns can affect everyone, not just new moms. Some women have had six kids without a single pelvic floor issue, and women who’ve never had babies have pelvic floor concerns. Things like prolapses, incontinence, and painful sex can affect anyone at any stage. Even men deal with pelvic health concerns. 

So, it’s always worth a chat to see if there are things you might want to change or work on!

Movement Freedom, Body Confidence.

Your pelvic floor has been calling the shots for long enough! Time to retrain your core, rehabilitate your pelvic floor, and reclaim your confidence.