Get to know Physiotiques

At our core, we are focused on you.

Physiotiques is a team of certified health professionals who help people of all ages improve their quality of life. Through a collaborative, science-based approach we address many concerns associated with the body, starting with pelvic health and the core.

Pelvic health issues are very common but often not easily talked about. These issues are almost always intertwined with one’s emotions, beliefs, and nutrition.

We want you to feel comfortable talking about these problems. We want you to know the team at Physiotiques is here to support you the entire way as we work through these issues.

We want to help you feel great!

We take an individualized, personal approach with each of our clients.We understand your needs are different, which is why no two clients are treated the same. We provide a supportive environment and foundation to get you back to wellness and moving freely.

All members of our healthcare team have formal, advanced education and treat individuals with professionalism, compassion, and confidentiality.

Do you…

  •  feel weak in the core? have back, hip, jaw or shoulder pain?
  • ever leak urine when you sneeze, lift or run? …feel you are always running to the bathroom?
  • have a feeling there is something just not right “down there”?
  • have pain or discomfort with sex?
  • feel your postpartum or post-menopausal body is not back on track?
  • wonder if your diet is doing the best for you?
  • wish to resolve trauma &/or relationship concerns?
  • want to prepare for an awesome birthing experience?

We can help! Contact us and discover what makes us different